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Cognitive Behavioral Coaching (KBC) is based on the theory and practice of science-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy  (CBT). CBT is a leading approach not only in psychotherapy world, but also in applying CBT principles  in business  environment. Also, most of the scientific research are based on CBT and CBC principles.

Cognitive Behavioral Coaching  (KBC) is considered by many the best training approach. CBC  applies science based psychology approach and stoic philosophy so that everybody can achieve clear and effective goals.  CBC  provides skills for life and further development. Once applied principiles can be applied in every life areas.

Cognitive Behavioral Coaching provides a theoretical and practical framework for:

  • Clarity of thought and the impetus to understand ourselves and others
  • Constructive behavior directed toward our life values
  • Managing emotions; use emotions to help us, and not flood us
  • Identifying attitudes and perspectives that block our goals
  • Finding effective alternatives that will steer us forward
  • Clear communication and understanding other people
  • Strengthening self-esteem, resilience and commitment

Who will benefit from Coaching?

  • People who want to achieve their maximum potential, but feel that something is blocking them along the way
  • Managers and coaches who manage other people and want to improve their skills
  • People who are currently going through a difficult period in their private or professional life
  • People who are  interested in the humanistic psychology, human behavior and communication


What you will learn?

  • Using  effectively  ABC framework
  • The cognitive model
  • Identifying  measurable and specif goals
  • Understood core beliefs
  • Identifying life values
  • Enhancing motivation
  • Active listening
  • Magical questions
  • Disputing unhelpful beliefs
  • Generating helping beliefs
  • Getting useful feedback information
  • Developing an action plan for future challenges

Difference between CBT and CBC

In essence, both approaches have a similar working ethics. But the main difference is that CBT or psychotherapy is focused on the problem, on the other hand CBC is focused on the solutions and the goals. CBT precedes CBC approach. Terms that are attached to therapy are: anxiety, depression, panic attacks, feelings of guilt and so on, while on the other side when it comes to coaching we have concepts such as achievement, creativity, self-actualization and ambition. Many clients after successful psychotherapy decide to continue their personal development in Cognitive Behavioral Coaching.


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