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Consulting ELIS offers unique in-house training and education for companies and organizations. The goal of educations are to train your staff to be more efficient not only in the workplace, but also in daily life. Consulting ELIS put special emphasis on human potential. Satisfied worker is a productive worker. There are numerous other factors except for money that can increase the overall satisfaction (and therefore productivity) of each person in the workplace.

What we offer?

Some of the themes of education and training that we cover:

  • Anger Management
  • Dealing with change
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Mental Toughness
  • Procrastination
  • Training’s tailored according to your organizational needs

How it works?

Step One – We will arrange an initial meeting where we will discuss your needs and ascertain how we can add value to your organisation.

Step Two – We will draw up an agreement showing you how we can meet your needs

Step Three – We will implement your needs

Step Four – We will have regular two way feedback

Why trust us?

Our programs are aimed primarily at improving human potentials of every company and organization. Competent staff allows your company to be competitive in the market. By investing in human potential, your staff will achieve better results and enjoy more in the work process. Timely and adequate training and educations allow:

  • Reducing absenteeism and illness related to workplace
  • Increasing productivity, creativity, innovation and overall life satisfaction of workers
  • They help workers to be more adaptable and flexible in fast-paced business world of constant change
  • Creating a working environment in which employees are treated with respect to each other and to customers

In its work, in addition to traditional training models, we put a big focus on Cognitive Behavioral Coaching (Coaching) techniques that many consider the best in the process of training in the workplace. Cognitive Behavioral Coaching stems from the scientific techniques of design cognitive behavioral therapy. Cognitive Behavioral Coaching  represent the leading standard in modern world of educations and trainings.

What we require?

  • We can only work effectively with individuals who are open to taking responsibility for their lives and are willing to put in the required effort to make effective changes
  • We ask that you are honest and open with us about your needs and give us appropriate feedback.
  • We require that a suitable room is provided for our coaching sessions and training. Alternatively the coaching may be done at a suitable nearby venue eg a hotel coffee lounge